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First Give Away By Lady Aira!!!

Assalamualaikum and good morning ;D
Today nak join GA by Lady Aira sebab blog dia genap 2 month ;) Congrates ! Memandangkan i taktau nak buat apa so i join this GA *PEACE*

If nak join just click the banner . Lagi ramai join lagi meriah this GA , kan kan ? harhar . GA nie berlangsung selama 1 month .

The Rules :
First: MUST follow my blog!
Second: MUST like my fanpage! ( All UPDATES you can see there!)
Third: The title MUSTFirst Give Away By Lady Aira!!!
 tell ABOUT your BLOG and most important is the blog AGE !
Fourth: Put this ugly banner on your entry!
Fifth: Tag two friends and  MAKE sure they know!
Sixth: Leave your link in this comment form!
Easy jaa syarat - syarat kan ? Mesti mampu join punyerrrr ;)
Blog "Beautiful" nie i buat bulan June , 6 last year . Kira baru lagi laa nie , hekhek . This year baru active blog nie sebab masuk Contest , GA and etc . Bila dah campur , tambah , bahagi , tolak and darab kira blog nie usia dia 8 month 24 days ;D Masih muda lagi ini blog . Harhar .
 My Tag : D and A

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